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Create and export influencer lists

Keeping organized is a key to success, especially for large campaigns. But there's a lot of data to keep track of when it comes to influencer marketing, and you need a fast and easy way to do it.

With Heepsy, you don't need to set up any spreadsheets; we do it for you. Simply create lists and add your favorite influencers. Then export their information in spreadsheet format.


Influencer lists for your campaigns

You create your lists according to your needs. Create lists for each campaign, each location, each category, or whatever keeps you organized.

Look for the folder icon on an influencer's profile to save them to a list. Once you've added influencers to your list, compare their statistics. Or, check the aggregated statistics for your list.

Complete your list and download it as a CSV or XLS file.


Use lists to help your influencer outreach

When you download lists from Heepsy, the spreadsheet contains influencers' public email addresses. Use these spreadsheets to set up a mail merge and automate your outreach.

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